Oneirokritis is an ancient Greek word. It comes from the word "Oneiro" which translates to : "dream" and "kritis" which is again in Greek, means : "the one who decides". So Oneirokritis is the person, a sage usually in lore, who can interpret a dream and it's meaning, but the word is also used to describe a book consisting of dream definitions and meanings.

The need to interpret dreams and find their meaning, is as old as man himself. Dreams are mysterious and have multiple meanings, and their importance has a big part in humans since the dawn of time. Fantasy? Messages from one's subconscious? Forward-Looking predictions?
There is no documented answer to date on these questions, even though hosts of people have studied the matter at times. Ultimately the fundamental question of whether dreams are prophetic remains unanswered. On the one hand, the subjectivity of dreams and on the other the conflicting interpretations - explanations from all over the world have contributed to the veil of mystery which the Oneirokritis is called to unveil.

Dream meanings

The discussion about dreams, apart from their philosophical - existential perspective, is considered historically a great way to share the hopes, dreams, and worries that many times subconsciously are responsible for the dreams that we see. The interpretation of dreams has also occupied the scientific community, but there is still no de facto theory as to what is right. However, there is an empirical interpretation of dreams, gathered from aions of observation. Here you will find the definitions, that people consider accurate, explaining their dreams, whether they are foretelling or merely manifestations of our subconscious mind.

We hope, that you find what you are looking for on our website or give your interpretation about a specific dream in the comments section.

Sweet Dreams!

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