Meaning of eyes in dreams

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Meaning of eyes in dreams

Eyes in dreams have multiple interpretations depending on the colour and the situation.

If you see beautiful, cheerful and gentle eyes, expect some good news.

On the contrary, welled up eyes, are a warning for bad news and sorrows.

If you see eyes light blue and blurred then you will be mixed in situations that will trap you and you will fall victim of calumny.

If you see eyes tired or bad or with some fault, likely you are distressed and you are tortured enough by situations.

If you see that you are missing an eye, it is likely that a situation will unnerve you.

If in your dream you were missing both eyes, you will have an ordeal with a health issue.

Relevant dream interpretations

  • Crying and tears in dreams usually have the opposite meaning - interpretation and are traditionally considered as a precursor to joy and prosperity.