Meaning of dog in dreams

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Meaning of dog in dreams

The dog is considered man's best companion.

In dreams, the presence of a dog has a special interpretation depending on the situation in which the encounter with the dog evolved.

If you see a calm dog sitting next to you or you petting it, you are a beloved person with strong relationships and friendships.

If a wild dog chases you or bites you in your dream, there are people who have hostile intentions towards you.

If you see that you killed a wild dog that attacked you, you will be freed from thoughts that torment you.

Perhaps you are looking for a faithful friend or someone who will protect you and help you face your problems.

Additionally, a dog can represent dedication and communication, and your dream may indicate the need for more communication with the people around you and the need for closer relationships.

Finally, a dog can represent your desire for freedom and independence, and your dream may signify the need for more autonomy in your life. However, the specific interpretation depends on the details of the dream and the environment in which it occurred.

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